Jardim Botânico

Jardim Botânico

Day 33… yeah I messed up the days somewhere in there but I’m pretty sure today is 33.

Yesterday we woke up late and went to Jardim Botânico.  It was absolutely gorgeous, as expected.  The dichotomy between the harsher scenes of the inner city, the favelas, and all of the broken people juxtaposed against the natural beauty, wealth, and charisma that exists here is for me what makes Rio so unique.  It is beyond intriguing.  The pictures pretty much speak for themselves in this case, so I’ll leave it at that.

After visiting the garden, our group of friends went to Catete for pizza rodizio dinner.  Rodizio is the name of the style where the waiters bring dishes to your table and you choose what you’d like them to put on your plate.  It’s all you can eat, which makes it rather like a backwards buffet.

Nightfall took us back to Gávea (near the garden again) for a “Spring Break” house party complete with poolside drinks and a live band.  We stayed out fairly late once again, but we knew we’d be taking it easy today puttering around the house and answering emails while it rains…


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