A quick summary:

A quick summary:

Day 70

I promised I would write a little bit more about our recent trip to Búzios, so here goes:  Our plan got put together fairly last minute, and last Friday (Sept. 7) was Brazil’s Independence Day, so everyone was on vacation and traveling at the same time.  We managed to book a bus out of Rio for Friday afternoon, only to discover that the one thing that actually runs on time in Brazil are the buses.  We missed the 3:04, but managed to get put on the 5 o’clock to Búzios and arrived at the hostel around 8pm.  Since we were running late, the hostel had booked over us and ended up putting us in a pousada across the street, which I think turned out to be even better.  We got ready and took a van to the center of the town (which work the same way they do in Rio- hooray for vans saving us everywhere!)  which is on one of the main beaches along with all of the shops, restaurants, and clubs gathered together within a few blocks.

Since we got in at night it was a little difficult to make out the lay of the land, but in the morning Dad and I got up, had breakfast, and got out to take a walk to Praia de Geribá.  We spent some time exploring the rock outcroppings and taking in the ocean before the others joined us and we went back to Centro to figure out how to spend the day.  From the center up to the horn of Búzios there are little beaches tucked away on the shore.  Most of them are very quaint, some are little harbors, and all of them are beautiful.  Our friends took a water taxi up to Praia de Azeidinha while Dad and I walked the path through all of the beaches from Praia de Canto up to them and stopped for lunch on the way.  That night Daddy stayed in and the rest of the group checked out David Guetta’s famous nightclub named Privilége.  The entire weekend I kind of felt like a movie star because Búzios just seems like it is probably one of those places Hollywood stars are pictured in bikinis on vacation in the tabloids.

On Sunday our bus back to Rio wasn’t scheduled to leave until 8:30pm, so we packed up for a day at the beach. Dad and I had bought tickets for a boat cruise the day before.  We left the dock at Centro in the early afternoon and spent a couple of hours riding around to the different islands and beaches and riding the slide into the water off of the back of the boat!  The coast is windy and there are more mosquitoes than it seems like there are in Rio.  I was surprised at the vegetation too, which was desert-like, rocky and dotted with cacti and all.  Of course we were particularly early to catch the bus home, which ended up leaving an hour late and taking two extra hours in traffic to arrive back in Rio.  The city bus from the rodoviária (bus terminal) only had standing space, and with all of our bags, exhausted at 2:30 in the morning it made for quite the wild ride back to Copacabana.

Yesterday, Daddy packed up his bags and we spent one last afternoon together on the beach.  Ribamar made us an Amazonian breakfast of fried bananas with cinnamon and toasted sandwiches with the bananas and egg (and maybe cheese?) on it.  Delicious.  I’ll be doing my best to get back into my cooking and exercising routine… until Mom comes to visit next month!  It was difficult adjusting back to having class and realizing all the work I need to do in these next few weeks.  Tomorrow will be a day for cracking down and getting back to “real life.”  We’ll see how that goes…


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