Day 78

My word, it was hot today! Up to 39 degrees Centigrade, which- if you translate it the easy way- comes out to 108 degrees Fahrenheit, or- if you translate it Dad’s more accurate way- is 102.2 degrees (and turns out to be exact).  Everyone says that Summer is on it’s way, which worries me because if it has yet to truly arrive we are going to be miserable in this un-air conditioned room on the third floor for the next couple of months.  So far it’s not quite as humid as I remember Florida being, mas gente, vai.

More breaking news this week: the banks (at least in Rio, not sure about all of Brazil) are now on strike!  We can still pull money out of the ATM’s, and I now have a CPF so it shouldn’t really affect us to much, but it was pretty funny when we heard and Silvana looked up only to ask, “De novo?” (“Again?”).

Lately, some things are starting to be easier to say in Portuguese than in English.  Keia made a promise that started today- she won’t be speaking any English (even on her blog) except with her parents for the next month (when her parents will arrive here in Rio).  Everywhere we read and hear about learning languages says that if you really want to make it to that next level, to fluency, it is necessary to go that extra step and speak nothing but the language you are trying to learn. I’m up for doing it with her; it’s easier to stay in Portuguese when the two of us are on the same page, but don’t worry, friends you can still Skype me too.  Now that we’re busier with school and don’t see some of our other exchange student friends as much, we’re speaking less English as well.  Another exception we’ll have to this no English rule in the coming weeks is rather exciting.  A friend I met over the weekend has an English school here in Rio geared specifically toward pilots who need to pass an English exam.  His business has expanded to include classes for Flight Attendants and also those who need to learn English for business purposes.  He was looking for more teachers as a few of his will be leaving in the coming weeks, so Keia and I offered, and it looks like we’ve got the job and a way to earn a little spending money for the rest of our stay!  We’ll plan out our first classes after we get back from São Paulo this weekend, and hopefully we’ll start next week.

Last night in the pousada was Fabio’s birthday!  Upstairs we had a little party for him with salgados, some of the neighbors, and a whoooole lot of cake.  They sing some really fun songs for birthdays here that I need to learn (and which include lots of clapping).  I included some pictures down below.

Have a good night!


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