To be an American

To be an American

Day 93

It turns out my English class this week got cancelled, and that my phone interviews aren’t until next week- which was all a little disappointing.  It gave me a little more time though to organize the laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and going to the bank parts of my life.  Ribamar is generally impressed by Keia’s cooking and general home-making skills.  This week though my sausage, eggplant, tomato, green pepper, garlic and onion recipe for pasta sauce impressed him, and in his words I am finally, “pronta para se casar,” (ready for marriage) haha.

Yesterday turned out to be a surprisingly patriotic day for this young American in Brazil.  I have been registered to vote for a while now, and I went through the process of applying for an absentee ballot since I knew I would be abroad during the upcoming election.  After receiving the materials via email, I finally decided to take the time to sit down, look it all over, do some research and try to make a difference.  It is overwhelming, the world of politics is!  On top of that, I was notified by the American Consulate here in Rio that there would be a few events surrounding the election this week, so last night Keia and I went to the Mariott hotel on the beach here in Copacabana for a Presidential Debate viewing party.  We talked briefly to a couple of other college students, and some foreigners there to watch the spectacle unfold.  I managed to pay attention long enough to realize not much was getting accomplished by either side, but I think I’ve formed enough of an opinion to at least feel good about throwing my vote in ring.  Now the only challenge is mailing it to the States in enough time to actually be counted…


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