It just doesn’t end

It just doesn’t end

Day 118

The beginning of last week was a little tough.  I felt pretty alone with all of my visitors gone and not really much to be done for my classes.  On top of that Keia took a trip to the Iguaçu Falls with her parents, so the house was pretty quiet.  To fill up my time I went running, grocery shopping, cooked, washed laundry, and went to the beach to sketch or read nearly every day.  It’s not a bad life to live, but it all comes back to having people to share it with!  Thursday and Friday nights were better since I got together with my friends.  Couch surfing meetings have moved to a quiosque in Leme, which are quieter and slightly further away.  I hope they move back to the quiosque in Copa soon.  Friday we all trekked out to Barra da Tijuca to our friend Paula’s apartment who is always coming to up to zona sul to meet us.

Saturday I found myself at the beach yet again, but this time it was to play some volleyball and meet a group of foreigners all currently living in Rio for various lengths of time and reasons.  A Frenchman who also speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English, another American who is half French (speaks it fluently) and has lived all over the world, a Mexican who speaks Portuguese and English, and me.  We passed the day in all different languages, and the water and sun were absolutely delicious.  I went out for drinks later that night with the group, and I’m really glad to have met them.

Earlier in the week, Joe and Keia and I had been invited to spend the day island hopping on a boat leaving from Itacuruça (about an hour south of Rio) with a group of students from ENCE.  Early morning Sunday found Joe and me on our way to catch the bus to the port.  It was another gorgeous day, and when we arrived there was a beautiful breakfast laid out with all of the trappings.  We didn’t know many of the students there, but everyone was very nice and we eventually made friends.  The food and drinks from churrasco to fresh fruit and cerveja kept coming all day long.  There was music, and we played and swam in the water, took silly pictures, and talked all day long.  Unfortunately Joe and I both forgot our cameras, but I took a few on my cell phone that I uploaded below.  Hopefully some of the people we met will post the rest on Facebook soon.  We were exhausted when we got home, so I took a shower and fell asleep pretty quickly.  I’m finishing up a project now before I head to class tonight.  This week we have a bit more to do, our friend’s birthday party, and a holiday weekend coming up that we’re thinking of using to travel somewhere.  The options are Florianópolis, the Nordeste, or the Amazon… but we’ll have to see about costs before we make any decisions.  I’ll let you know!

Love, Molly

P.S.  I heard back from Deloitte, and it looks like I have my first official job offer!  The position is a Business Technology Analyst, and I would be living in Washington D.C.  I have just less than a month to decide, and I’m still waiting to talk to a few other companies, but at least we know I’m employable!


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