A Semana Passada

A Semana Passada

Day 125

I think Sundays will always be my favorite days here.  Keia and I just got home from a relaxed dinner with live music and a lot of our friends.  Before that I woke up late and spent the better part of the day sitting in the sand on the beach in Ipanema as my friends trickled in, arriving, and talking, and kicking around a soccer ball until we all went for a chopp at one of the quiosques to do more of the same.  Our schedule’s seem to change a lot week to week, but Sundays are always this much needed reprieve that set the world straight before we begin all over again.

Classes at UFRJ, as of a couple of weeks ago, have officially started for this semester.  We’re still going to be taking or classes at ENCE, but last week we started going to Professor Orlando’s undergraduate class on Mondays and Wednesdays as well.  We’re still on track to create a game that will help teach youth who live in high risk areas about landslide emergency preparedness, but our Capstone project has a bit more direction lately.  We’ll also be assigned our final project for one of our ENCE classes this coming Tuesday, and last week we got back grades from our first exam in our other ENCE class.  The class average was a 3.5/10, and while we were right there with the rest of the Brazilians, Joe, and Keia and I are a little worried about what that means for us since we need 7’s at the very least to pass.

Summer is coming, and there have been a few difficult days without air conditioning in the past couple of weeks.  It is just going to get hotter, so Keia and I have been thinking about where we might be able to move.  I don’t think we really have enough time left for it to be worth it, but of course I’m saying that now in the coolness that comes with the dead of night.

I have been exercising a lot (running along the beach mostly – where I dropped my cell phone and cracked the screen, ugh) during the week and eating really well.  Starting Thursday with the birthday part of one of the Brazilians who will be coming back with us to the States, and then Friday with the gringo group from last week and the jazz band playing at the Maze up in Tavares Bastos, and Saturday with the dinner at Outback with the girls + Kevin, it is hard to keep to the same healthy lifestyle.

The week ahead should be a fairly calm one.  We’re still deciding how we want to use our 6 day vacation in the middle of this month.  Budget is going to be a big deciding factor for me, at least.  In the mean time I would like to start doing some interesting research to make the most of the time we have left here.  Right now though, it’s late and I’m off to bed. The time changed here a couple of weeks back, so we moved one more hour ahead of EST.  Today was “Fall back” at home in the States, so now we’re at a total difference of 3 hours apart.  I miss everyone!

Sweet Dreams, Molly

Todo mundo juntos, todos os domingos!

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